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EMF in the North West

May 2013 | by David Butler

It was a busy time for Chorlton Evangelical Church during March, as not only did it celebrate the retirement of its former pastor (see above) but also played host to the European Missionary Fellowship’s (EMF) annual North West Conference.

     On 16 March, 40 people gathered at the Manchester church to hear from two men who had been converted from Roman Catholic backgrounds to biblical Christianity in Italy and Spain. Pastor Walter Johnston began the afternoon by pointing us to our living, sending and returning Saviour from the last half of Luke 24.

     The first missionary speaker was Antonio de Noia, pastor of a Reformed Baptist Church in Peschici, Italy. He spoke of individuals coming to faith in Jesus Christ through the ministry of his church, which displays a book table every Sunday afternoon in Peschici town square. In addition, copies of the Scriptures are on display in the local museum, which anyone is free to take.

     Following a short break, Demetrio Cánovas gave an overview of his 36 years in Christian ministry in Spain. Following studies at the EMF School of Biblical Studies in Welwyn, Demetrio and his wife Jenny worked in Christian ministry in Alcázar de San Juan.

     Over time, Mr Cánovas became more involved in the translation and publication of Christian books in Spanish and eventually became managing director of Editorial Peregrino.

     Titles published by Editorial Peregrino are sent to Cuba as well as being distributed in America. Mr Cánovas is due to retire next year, but has begun work on a long-held desire to oversee the translation of Matthew Henry’s Commentary into Spanish.

     Rounding off the afternoon, three students from this year’s EMF School, Botond Páll (Romania), Gabi Remeseiro (Spain) and Peter Abutu (Nigeria) introduced themselves, and spoke of their countries and desire to serve the Lord.

     Further information from:; [email protected]; Twitter @EuropeanMission

David Butler

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