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China’s one child policy

May 2013

A woman in China has been found dead in suspicious circumstances, after being forcibly sterilised twice to prevent her having more children.

     According to campaign group Women’s Rights Without Frontiers (WRWF), Yang Yuzhi hanged herself in the local family planning office in Taikang County, Henan Province, after suffering extreme trauma as a result of her forced sterilisation.

     The procedures and subsequent medication to combat her chronic pain had drained the family finances, so she regularly petitioned the family planning office for compensation, but got nowhere.

     However, despite the family planning commission telling her family that Mrs Yuzhi had committed suicide, the family has raised concerns that her body was severely beaten. She was covered with bruises and her neck was nearly severed by the wire rope from which she was hanging.

     The family claims it is also suspicious that Mrs Yuzhi had apparently had several hours’ time to find wire rope and attach it to the ceiling at the top of the stairs.

     WRWF say this is not the first time the Chinese Communist Party has been suspected of attempting to cover up a murder as ‘suicide’. In July 2012, the well-known Tiananmen Square activist Li Wangyang was found dead, hanging in a hospital room, despite being of sound mind and good spirits according to his friends.

     According to WRWF, the Chinese Communist Party recently announced that they have performed 336 million abortions under the One Child Policy and performed 196 million sterilisations. These sterilisations often leave women maimed.




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