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May 2013

Evangelist Roger Carswell writes in his recent prayer letter:


Don’t misunderstand; I am not despondent, nor depressed. Unless the Lord decides otherwise, I am not about to give up. I feel privileged to live and speak for the Lord at this time in history. But please bear with me as I muse on the situation in which we find ourselves at this present time.


Not revival


I refuse to pretend all is well, or portray a scene where everything is idyllic, because I do not believe it is. For years I have been told that Britain is on the verge of revival, and I am still hearing that scores of people are being saved through one new scheme or another.

     Yes, people are being converted, but I just do not believe those who claim to be seeing massive harvests. Now, in the UK we are facing a ferocious attack on the Bible’s foundational teaching.

     On 5 April 1990, King Baudouin of Belgium temporarily abdicated, rather than giving Royal Assent to legalise abortion. How I wish our Queen would do the same rather than sign an Equal Marriages Bill which defiantly shakes its fist in God’s face.

     Our godless Government, backed by most opposition parties — and David Cameron in particular — is hardening its heart against the Lord.

     The Bill’s impact will be catastrophic, including on the freedom of Christians to speak freely and uphold biblical truths. The Government has already been silencing Christians working in public service from witnessing about the Lord, but it seems that after this legislation, things will worsen.

     In my lifetime each of our three main political parties has been responsible for legalising acts of wickedness that have resulted in millions of unborn babies being killed (making a mother’s womb the least safe place to be in our land); gambling becoming an addiction to countless families; Sunday being transformed from a day or rest to a continuation of commercialism; and homosexuality being portrayed as normal behaviour.

     The BBC has scorned and vilified Bible-believing Christians. Britain has had 150 years of unusual opportunity, where Christians have been free to speak, but now we are returning to ‘normal’ Christian living.

     We who love the Lord Jesus and refuse to be silent about the gospel are going to find ourselves opposed and oppressed.


Few conversions


Most churches are not seeing many conversions. Frankly, that is hardly surprising, as so few churches now have regular evangelistic services where an effort is made to reach the unconverted.

     Very few churches have much contact with teenagers who are from outside Christian families. There is little evangelism amongst the people who do not respond to invitations to come to meetings. There are countless villages, towns and some very large urban areas where there is no evangelical witness.

     Church planting is often reshuffling the pack of Christians, and rarely located in areas where there is no witness. A very large city centre church, which has hundreds of people attend its morning services, recently had a Sunday evening set aside for prayer for the nation. I attended, and was blessed. But, including the leader for the evening, there were only nine people present.

     Are we, as God’s ambassadors, guilty of sleepwalking, while the liberal elite, who are in fact godless agitators, confirm the shepherdless, lost people of our nation on the broad path that leads to destruction?

     We are not called to be protestors, but proclaimers of good news. Ours is not to seek the peace of communities, but to tell people about Jesus. It is not for us to sit back and accept things as they are, but to pray and proclaim, rescuing the perishing, snatching them as brands from the burning.




It is in this context, and to this generation that we are called to witness, proclaim the gospel and live for Jesus. Remember that Romans 1:16 — the gospel being the ‘power of God unto salvation’ — is located in the very chapter describing the glaring wickedness of the Roman empire. Where sin abounds, God’s saving grace is able to much more abound.

     I thank God for the work of evangelism that is going on, and the fruit that there is. The challenge for us is to persevere in Christ, fill our minds and hearts with Scripture, stand and speak in our communities and work places, continuing to live in the light of eternity.






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