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‘Extraordinary fruit’ (example)

April 2013

Pod Bhogal, Head of Communications at UCCF, brings news of much interest in the gospel from the 90 university CU mission weeks held during 2012/13.


Christian unions (CUs) are seeing extraordinary fruit as a result of their Spring mission weeks in 2013. Nearly 100 UCCF CUs have held an events week, in which thousands of students have heard about Jesus.

     Hundreds have either expressed a desire to attend a follow-up course or indicated that they would like to become a Christian.

     Vince Vitale, the lead missioner at this year’s events week in York and the senior tutor at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, said, ‘So far 50 people have identified themselves as praying a prayer of trust in Christ, and 160 people have asked the CU to tell them more or respond to their questions, with most of them leaving contact information for the York CU to follow up with. Praise God for his unrelenting love for every one of these young men and women’.



Similarly, Cardiff CU has reported 49 sign-ups to read Uncover with a Christian, while 30 students indicated they wanted to become Christians.

     Speaking of the Reading CU mission week, Rev. Dr Michael Green commented, ‘We must have left 40 or more enquirers and the follow-up course for them is based on Tim Keller’s The reason for God, while there must have been 20 or more who professed commitment to Christ for the first time, and will be nurtured’.

     As part of their missions weeks, a number of CUs in Britain have put on Saltmine Theatre Company’s dramatic retelling of Luke’s Gospel, Three witnesses. Produced in partnership with UCCF, Three witnesses has been performed in 25 Christian Union locations.

     CUs in London saw 250 students attend the play. UCCF London team leader Natasha Kasprowicz said, ‘Students were interested, moved, gripped by it. They stayed on afterwards and had many good conversations with the cast and with friends’.

     She continued, ‘We know that non-Christian students have already started Uncover (UCCF Seeker Bible Study programme) with their mates, off the back of seeing Three witnesses, and over half the people who watched it took away an Uncover Gospel’.

     Michael Ots, an associate UCCF CU staff worker and itinerant evangelist, said, ‘The play was brilliant. It’s such a creative and powerful production, which leaves you excited and eager to know more about Luke’s account of Jesus.

     ‘Giving the UCCF Uncover Luke Gospel to a guest at the end is so easy, because the whole show has demonstrated the preciousness of these witness accounts of Jesus’ life’.

     Other mission highlights include 119 Oxford students who have committed to a Seeker Bible Study or attending church with members of the CU.

Reading group

Thom Gee, OICCU president, said, ‘I’ve heard so many stories of individual Christians giving a Gospel to a friend and asking to read it with them. In my college group last night we were able to list five or six friends who were reading with us, and a couple more coming to church on Sunday’.

     Michael Ots tells a story about a 100+ student prayer meeting he attended during Exeter CU mission this year. ‘One of the students stood up to encourage the CU to make the most of every opportunity. I knew she was speaking from her own experience, because this time last year she trusted Christ during the mission I was speaking at.

     ‘I had had many conversations with her as she openly worked through the scepticism. Finally, after the talk on the resurrection, she committed her life to Christ. How wonderful to see that one year later she wasn’t just going on, but was actively a part of the CU and now reaching out to her friends’.

     Newport CU, made up of just ten students, delivered 167 toasties and Gospels to students on their campus. Suzy Ruth Davies, a member of the CU there, said, ‘[We had] no publicity for our Text-a-Toastie event, but word got out and we delivered 167 toasties and Uncover Gospels. We got to chat to each of those people about God. Plus we are a small CU of just ten people!’

     The next day the CU tweeted, ‘Despite the 1°C temperature, we still had 107 non-Christians come to our BBQ today!’

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