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Widow’s mite

April 2013

An 85-year-old woman who grew up with no water, gas or electricity at her home in Wales has been helping raise funds for children who have very little.

     According to a statement from development charity Rope, Elsie Davies, 87, was reminded of her humble beginnings after her church said it was hoping to fund a well for a village in Cambodia.

     Elsie Davies said, ‘One day I got up, cleaned my teeth, filled the kettle, washed the dishes and had a shower. It struck me how much I depended on water and how so many people in the world struggle without it. I knew then I had to do something’.

     She had been brought up on a small farm with no water, gas or electricity. Elsie, who attends the Mission Church in Morriston, near Swansea, in South Wales, immediately donated to the Cambodia project, which is run in conjunction with Rope.

     She said, ‘We are blessed in Great Britain in that we have access to water, but it wasn’t always like that, and it certainly isn’t like that for people throughout the world today’.