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March 2013


A blasphemy law victim, with a death sentence over him, has been forced to wait a few more weeks for his appeal hearing.
    Younis Masih, a victim of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws for more than seven years, is currently listed for an appeal from his death sentence and fine of RS100,000. His appeal was delayed after the prosecution denied receiving his case file, according to reports from the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA).
    Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the BPCA, said in his blog post, ‘The blasphemy allegation on Younis Masih mirrors one given to Martha Bibi, also accused under blasphemy law. She is also undergoing a trial and we are shocked that the wording of both allegations is virtually the same.
     ‘Martha Bibi is on bail, which was allowed in 2007. Her trial is being conducted and is under the final cross examination’. Please pray for a just court decision in both these trials.
     This comes as fears grow for the safety and welfare of Mr Raghbir Singh, a 40-year-old Sikh businessman from Peshawar, who was abducted by armed men and bundled into a car as he was returning home from the Gurdwara.
     This seems to be another case of targeting minorities in Pakistan. Earlier this year Mr Mohinder Singh, a Sikh, was discovered beheaded in the Khyber region of Pakistan.
    The Tawheedul Islam militant group claim responsibility for the murder. Despite their admission, the perpetrators continue to remain free, at large and unpunished.
    The Hindu and Sikh community form less than two per cent of Pakistan’s population. Like the Pakistani Christian and Balouch communities in Pakistan, they too are subjected to daily attacks, disappearances, discrimination and murder.


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