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Teachers at risk

March 2013

Teachers at risk    

Nearly 10 per cent of all UK teachers face being disciplined or sacked if they defy the Prime Minister David Cameron over gay marriage, the Coalition for Marriage (C4M) has claimed.
    According to a ComRes poll carried out during January, one in ten teachers said they will probably refuse to teach ‘the importance of same-sex marriage’.
    A further 17 per cent of teachers said they are unhappy with the proposals, while more than a half of teachers worried how those who support traditional marriage will be treated.
    The poll also found that 49 per cent believed parents should not have the right to withdraw children for lessons about same-sex marriage.
    In a statement, a C4M spokesman said the poll reflected the strength of feeling of those surveyed, which indicated that most people did not believe government assurances that none of England’s more than 400,000 teachers, or 200,000 learning support assistants, would be penalised for supporting the current definition of marriage.
    However, in January, a poll among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people found the majority did not believe the Government’s plans created ‘equal marriage’, while 62 per cent distrusted Tory motives.
    Colin Hart, campaign director for Coalition for Marriage, said, ‘As this recent poll shows, tens of thousands of teachers face the real prospect of being disciplined or sacked over the Government’s proposals to redefine marriage, creating a poisonous atmosphere in every staffroom in every school.
    ‘The legislation contains no safeguards for those who work in the public sector. The quadruple lock is not sustainable, and, instead of answering these questions, the PM plans to ram this bill through Parliament in just a few months, including having to appoint 50 new peers to ensure the measure is not rejected by the Lords’.

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