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Childcare reforms

March 2013

Childcare reforms

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) has welcomed reforms to the childcare system, claiming it will help ‘release the power of work’.
    Speaking after the Government unveiled a package of reforms to help parents back into work, Christian Guy, managing director of CSJ, said, ‘The UK’s childcare system has for too long been unaffordable, inflexible and a barrier into work for parents.
    ‘The measures being brought forward by the Government have the potential to help parents of young children who want to work into employment’.
    He said it was crucial that quality is never compromised, adding, ‘We believe these proposed changes can raise entry level requirements, simplify qualifications and ensure the profession commands greater respect’.
    For a long time, the CSJ has called for greater flexibility around adult-to-child ratios at crunch moments, as it could improve affordability and raise pay for early-years professionals.
    Mr Guy said, ‘If these changes allow childminders in our poorest communities to enhance care without pricing themselves out of the market, it will help to release the power of work for many low-income parents’.


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