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Carey Conference

March 2013 | by Andy McIntosh

Carey Conference

It was a great blessing to be at the Carey Conference in Swanwick from 8-10 January this year and the rich ministry from Mike Reeves was deeply inspiring.
    He spoke on the historical giants Athanasius, who resisted the Arian heresy and attack on the deity of Christ in his day; the puritan Richard Sibbes; and the brilliant theologian Jonathan Edwards, and made each one come alive in a most remarkable manner.
    Steven Curry from Northern Ireland spoke on 2 Corinthians 11 and 12 — Paul’s boastings and Christ’s power made perfect in weakness, literally ‘tenting over our weakness’.
    Throughout the conference there was a great emphasis on Christ and his glory. The title of my paper was, ‘Creation — reconnecting the gospel to a godless culture’.
    The atheistic humanists pushing evolution are not post-modern and are steamrolling their philosophy and religion, so the average person who is generally post-modern and has no interest in truth can sit back and enjoy his hedonism.
    Only by attacking the evolutionary basis of atheistic humanism with a full head-on creation mind-set can the evangelical church have an impact on our godless society.
    I set out the theological and exegetical reasons why Genesis had to be taken exactly as it is written. Interestingly, there were some who were not convinced. It is important to realise both Reformed and Charismatic wings of the evangelical church have leaders who are not entirely convinced on creation issues. These issues go right across denominations.
Andy McIntosh