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January 2013


Nearly 120 Conservative MPs are likely to oppose plans to redefine marriage, according to figures from campaign group Coalition for Marriage.
    This came as a survey from pollsters ComRes found that among Conservative voters, 68 per cent opposed the Prime Minister’s policy, while 58 per cent of Labour voters and 52 per cent of Liberal Democrat voters also believed marriage should be ‘a life-long exclusive commitment between a man and a woman’.
    The news was welcomed by Colin Hart, campaign director for the Coalition for Marriage. He said, ‘I am pleased that so many Conservative MPs have declared they will oppose the undemocratic plans to rip up the current definition of marriage.
    ‘This figure is all the more encouraging given that these plans were inspired and are being driven by Number 10’.
    He called the proposals a ‘vote-loser’ for all the three main parties, adding: ‘I hope the coalition leaders will listen to the electorate and allow their own MPs a free vote on the issue, which they have so far refused to do’.

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