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LTS bursary fund

January 2013

LTS bursary fund

The London Theological Seminary (LTS) is extending the scope of its Lloyd-Jones bursary fund to help more overseas students from poorer countries.
    In a letter to supporters, Robert Strivens, principal of LTS, said the change was a result of the new visa regime operating in the UK, which has caused a slight downturn in applications from overseas countries.
    He said, ‘We recognise that there is currently a gap in our ability to help men to study here who are in financial need, as we have no fund covering non-UK students from the developed world’.
    Mr Strivens said the board of LTS has therefore extended the Lloyd-Jones Fund to provide support, in appropriate cases, to students from developed countries, where they could not otherwise afford to study at LTS.
    ‘Students from such countries often come from very small, struggling churches, and from situations where there is hostility, even among other evangelical churches, to those who hold to a Reformed theology’.
    Gifts to the Lloyd-Jones Fund will from now on be eligible for use to support students from any part of the world.
    Mr Strivens added: ‘We remain committed to helping men from developing countries, such as those in south east Asia and Africa’.


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