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Not so simple

January 2013

Not so simple

Barack Obama may have won a second term, but the Democrat party’s policies — some of which were passed at the same time as his re-election — have upset voters of all beliefs.
    According to reports from the New York Times, voters in Maine, Maryland and Washington State approved the Democrat-supported same-sex marriage in local referendums on social issues.
    They are the first occasions in 35 popular votes on the issue that the measure has been approved. Gay marriage is permitted in six states, but those laws were passed by legislators or by courts. In other referendums, voters in Colorado and Washington voted to legalise the recreational use of marijuana.
    Before the candidates went to the polls, right-wing Christians in the US were ‘guilt-tripped’ by leading religious figures into voting for the ‘Christian’ candidate Mr Romney, despite his alleged Mormon beliefs.
    In an advert encouraging Christians to vote Republican, former Arkansas governor and ordained Southern Baptist minister Mike Huckabee had said, ‘When you vote on November 6, hell’s fire awaits, and a vote for President Barack Obama will not stand up to the flames.
    ‘Your votes will affect the future and be recorded in eternity and stand the test of fire’.
    After the election, writing in the Huffington Post, liberal author Frank Schaefer asked: ‘Obama wins: so Christians, will it be more hate or Jesus?’ He said, ‘Christians who care about our country and our faith have a choice: circle the wagons tighter, deny reality further, hate more.
    ‘Or, admit that once again — as with the race issues of the 1940s through the 1960s — that most conservative religious Americans have missed the boat of progress, hope and inclusion’.
    It seems that, while the world of faith and politics is so entwined in the US, it will be hard for ordinary, Bible-believing Christians to express their opinion without being considered either an enemy of the state or condemned by other Christians.