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November 2012


An Anglican church in Mardan, Pakistan, along with the school attached to it has been attacked by Islamic extremists in retaliation against the anti-Islamic film that hit the news.
    According to reports from the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), on 21 September the protesters set fire to and looted the buildings. Anything of value was stolen from the school, including computers and chairs. In the church, Bibles were desecrated along with religious artefacts.
    The attack is believed to be part of continuing violence in many countries in retaliation to an anti-Islamic film recently made in America. There have been similar incidents across parts of the Middle East, Africa and Asia since the film was picked up from YouTube by various Arab TV stations in September.
    This particular attack in Pakistan followed a government-announced day of protest against the film. Wilson Chowdhry, spokesman for the BPCA, said, ‘No Christian in Pakistan is safe. Please pray for all Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan’.


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