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Parr Street, Kendall

October 2012 | by Grenville Hobson

Parr Street, Kendall
This year marks significant changes at Parr Street Evangelical Church in Kendal. Brian Maiden, who has been our full-time teaching elder for the past 15 years, retired at the end of August.
    His expository ministry has been greatly appreciated and of immense value to Parr Street’s members and the many who visit us. His wife, June, has greatly contributed by her support and in her work with children.
    The church has grown significantly during those years and we have an active group of young people, a number of whom have become ‘apprentices’ in other churches, and some who are in full-time ministry.
    Mr Maiden began his ministry in local preaching in Cumbria, studied at London Bible College and was minister at Heaton Moor Evangelical Church in Stockport for some years before coming to Kendal.
    He is still a very active man and expects to continue as an elder at Parr Street, as well as preaching and helping other churches. The church commends Mr and Mrs Maiden to the Lord for their continuing ministry, largely here in the North West.
    We have been much blessed in being able to call Paul Baxendale to succeed Mr Maiden. Mr Baxendale has been engaged in full-time ministry at St James Church, Burton-in-Kendal. On several occasions we have enjoyed fellowship with him and benefited from his Bible ministry.
    Before his move to Burton, he was a curate at St Thomas’ Church in Kendal, and has become well known to our members. For various reasons, Mr Baxendale has come to the end of his ministry in the Church of England and moves to Kendal with his wife, Jane, and their two sons, Peter and Stephen.
    A welcoming and commissioning service took place in the afternoon of 22 September. The preacher was Mike Kendall of Cambridge.
Grenville Hobson