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Irish Women’s Convention

October 2012

Irish Women’s Convention
The Irish Women’s Convention is planning a convention, for 20 October 2012, in the Assembly Buildings, Fisherwick Place, Belfast. The conference will run from 10.00am-3.30pm and provide opportunity to learn from God’s Word, praise the Lord and catch up with friends. The theme is ‘God’s design for women’.
    The speaker at the two main sessions will be Carrie Sandom. Carrie has recently spoken at the Gospel Coalition women’s conference in the US and been involved in women’s ministry in London and Cambridge for more than 20 years.
    Based at St John’s Church, Tunbridge Wells, she teaches the Bible to women of all ages in small group and one-to-one contexts, as well as teaching women students at the Cornhill Training Courses in London and Belfast.
    There will be three seminars. Brenda Kelso, a child psychologist who has been involved in Christian counselling for many years in Ireland and missionary contexts overseas, will speak on ‘God’s design in suffering’.
    Hilary Nicholls, a minister’s wife in London, is hosting the session on ‘God’s design for our image’. Linda Marshall, who worked for UCCF for eight years, will speak on God’s design in purity.


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