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Olympics outreach

October 2012

Olympics outreach

Churches around London were heavily involved in outreach during the Olympic and Paralympic games this summer. Just as the Olympics encompassed teams from around the world, so the local Christians, who reached out to the crowds, drew on enthusiastic participants from abroad.
    The Hub (as it became known) — centred on the extensive grounds of St John’s Church Stratford — was used as base for the Ultimate Gold outreach.
    Roger Murphy, evangelist with Through Faith Missions (TFM), said, ‘The Ultimate Gold Olympic Outreach was a huge team effort and my thanks go out to all involved and for those who prayed. We had UK partners and Christian artists from all over the world who were of a high standard and very flexible’.
    Partnership brought together St. John’s Church, Through Faith Mission, OAC Ministries (Open Air Campaigners) and a range of nearly 20 other East London churches.


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