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CWI at the Olympics

September 2012

CWI at the Olympics    

London Theological Seminary (LTS) played host to Christian Witness for Israel (CWI) over August as many CWI field workers and volunteers witnessed during the Olympic Games. The team was based at LTS and alternated between central London and other Jewish areas.
    From 3-12 August, teams reached out to Jew and Gentile among the crowds of visitors to the capital, through street evangelism, door-to-door work and book tables around the city.
    CWI held several evening meetings. On Monday 6 August, Benjamin Hersh gave his testimony as a Jewish believer. On 7 August, Paul Morris, CWI field worker, gave a talk entitled, ‘From Thessalonica to Berea in Jewish ministry’ and, on Friday 10 August, Ben Midgley, CWI council member, spoke on ‘God’s global vision and Jewish mission’.

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