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Malta Evangelical Library

August 2012 | by Andre Camilleri

Malta Evangelical Library

The work started two millennia ago by the apostle Paul in Malta is not finished yet. The apostle must have preached Christ and the gospel of grace to the Maltese people, yet today many locals still do not know Christ in truth.
    Thankfully, there are several local evangelical churches on the island eager to share their faith with their friends and relatives. Moreover, since we have tasted that the Lord is good, we also crave the pure spiritual milk of the Word.
    That is why we are convinced about the necessity of sound Christian literature for our spiritual growth, as well as for outreach and evangelism.
    After many months of intense efforts, we have set up an evangelical library that is now open to all Christians and soon for the general public. We plan to visit all local churches to introduce the library and to encourage our brethren to make good use of the literary treasures we possess. These include a recently published Maltese translation of Pilgrim’s Progress.
    We welcome donations of new and used (in good condition) Christian books to our library. Our web site is
Andre Camilleri

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