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Club to worship centre

January 2012 | by Roy Mohon

Club to worship centre
On Tuesday 11 October, the Presbyterian Reformed Church had an open evening in its new venue in Frederick Street, Stockton-on-Tees.
    It followed three years of purchase formalities, design discussions, renovations and decoration. What was a gymnasium is now a centre for the worship of God, in a residential area at the north end of the town.
    The speaker was Keith Bullock of the Open-Air Mission, who took as his subject the personal changes during Paul’s ministry at Philippi (Acts 16).
    He spoke of the tender-hearted Lydia, who was already devout and met for prayer but needed her heart opening to the gospel, for a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
    We were reminded that there are still many like her today who attend churches but do not have that personal communion with the Saviour.
    Then there was the tormented young woman with the spirit of divination. She was a very different case, and also corresponded to many today, who, through occult practices, drugs or other things, have become ensnared. The power of Christ is sufficient for such people.
    There was also the tough jailor. The preacher had met his sort during open-air work. Yet when trying circumstances arise, such people are brought to ask: ‘What must I do to be saved?’ We have an unchanging message to respond with: ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved’.
    There are all sorts of folk in the north end of Stockton-on-Tees and it was good to be reminded that the Lord Jesus Christ is sufficient for everyone.
    ‘Brethren pray for us’. The great need of our towns and communities is the same reviving power that brought spiritual transformation to those at Philippi.
Roy Mohon