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Business as mission

January 2012

Business as mission

The US Centre for Faith & Global Education (CFGE) has announced it will launch a ‘business as mission’ (BAM) training project for Christian university students in the Middle East and other selected countries around the world.
    At a time of global recession and when every government acknowledges the need to support small enterprises, the CFGE’s aim is to help Christians use economic development as a mission tool for developing countries.
    The project will involve developing an introductory seminar on the basic principles and practices of BAM, which will be delivered to Christian business students through partnerships with student ministries, and in co-operation with Christian educational institutions in various countries.
    The project’s purpose is to introduce Christian business students to the concepts of BAM, faith-based entrepreneurism, and socially responsible companies, and then give them opportunities for mentorships and further directions to pursue in career options.
    More information from CFGE president Roger Sterner: [email protected]


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