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Phyllis Bowman

July 2012

Phyllis Bowman

The founder and director of anti-abortion and anti-euthanasia lobby group Right to Life has died. The funeral of Phyllis Bowman, at the forefront of campaigns to protect the rights of the unborn child, took place in a Catholic service in May.
    Although her Catholic beliefs could never be upheld by Evangelicals, yet her dedication to lobbying against abortion and protesting against changes to the laws on euthanasia earned her the respect of many Bible-believing Christians and the regard of those of other faiths.
    Ken Hargeaves OBE, chairman of Right to Life, said, ‘I have worked with Phyllis in the pro-life fight for more than 40 years. Her knowledge of all pro-life issues was immense, as was her courage in speaking out to a world that is largely hostile. Her tireless work, despite her prolonged ill health, is an inspiration to all who knew her’.