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Egypt elections

July 2012

Egypt elections

Christians have been praying for the safety of believers in Egypt after radical Islamic group the Muslim Brotherhood surged ahead during the elections in May.
    According to news reports, the Muslim Brotherhood group’s candidate Mohamed Morsi led the way, far ahead of former military leader Ahmed Shafiq, during Egypt’s first free presidential election.
    The country, which has experienced high tension, public protests and international scrutiny, saw the two highly controversial candidates pit themselves against each other for the elections, which were scheduled for mid June.
    Christian groups in Egypt have expressed fears that an outright victory for Mr Morsi would seal the Muslim Brotherhood’s control over state institutions and cause huge tension between the Brotherhood and the military.
    Last year, the Arab Spring, or ‘Jasmine Revolution’, that swept across parts of North Africa and the Gulf States saw a violent uprising that ended the presidential rule of Hosni Mubarak.

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