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Peace attempt

May 2012

Peace attempt

At least 100 people died on one of the bloodiest days in the Syrian uprising just before Easter, days ahead of a ‘ceasefire’, a report from the BBC has alleged.
    According to various sources within the country, more than 30 people died in Latamneh alone as a result of government shelling. A video, claimed to be from Homs, showed 13 victims of an apparent mass execution.
    Despite Bashar al-Assad agreeing in April to implement a peace plan from the United Nations and Arab League, the killing during the start of the month intensified.
    This prompted the secretary-general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, to warn the government not to use the impending truce as an ‘excuse for killing’.
    The BBC said 107 deaths were reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which said the death toll included 74 civilians. Another group, the Local Coordination Committees, gave a figure of 133, not including members of the Syrian security forces.


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