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May 2012


Busy Brits need an extra day each week to get everything done, a survey from investment house JP Morgan Asset Management has found.
    Its Generation Busy Report revealed that no matter how old we are, Britons believe they are busier than our parents’ generation, and if we had an extra half an hour every day we know exactly what we’d do with it.
    A third would dedicate it to more ‘me time’, a fifth would sleep for longer, and another fifth would set aside extra time to be with their partner or family.
    Keith Evins, head of UK marketing at JPMorgan, said, ‘We have all been there — stretched in different directions and not enough time in the day. With the pressures of work and life mounting, it’s no surprise Brits are feeling the strain, and wanting another three hours a day — an extra day a week — to get things done’.
    This comes after UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told a meeting organised in New York by the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan that the world needs a new economic model based around ‘gross global happiness’, rather than simply making money.

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