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Sarang Thomas Centre

May 2012 | by Jonathan Stephen

Sarang Thomas Centre

One of the most visible signs of the gospel partnership between Sarang Community Church in Korea and Wales Evangelical School of Theology (West) is the recently completed Sarang Thomas Centre, named after the church and Welsh missionary martyr Robert Jermain Thomas.
    The new building provides West with a permanent meeting hall capable of seating more than 200 people, as well as four high-spec lecture rooms. It represents the ambition of both Sarang and West for growth, mission and Christian development through theological education.
    It was appropriate that senior personnel from Sarang should be present at the opening at West on 24 February, including Rev. Dr Jung Hyun Oh, the senior pastor of Sarang and the chancellor of West, who presented the keynote message of the evening.
    Several hundred people, including many current, former and prospective students, overflowed the hall into the teaching rooms, where the event was broadcast through a video link.
    The wider community were represented by Bridgend MP Madeleine Moon and former mayor and committed Christian, Councillor Jeff Tildesley.
    The formal opening ceremony itself created some logistical difficulties, and much amusement, as eight or so dignitaries attempted to cut the ribbon at the same time.
    Guests were also entertained by the considerable talent of the internationally renowned operatic tenor, Huw Priday, who sang in Korean and Welsh as well as English.
    This event marks the beginning of what promises to be a dynamic future for a college which has ambitious plans for future growth and development across Europe, for the glory of God.
Jonathan Stephen


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