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Prayer vigil

March 2012

Prayer vigil

Release International has staged a procession and prayer vigil at the North Korean embassy in London. The organisation has also handed in a petition that shows widespread support for Christians persecuted for their faith.
    Release International stated the procession and prayer vigil signified the death of freedom in North Korea under the previous leadership.
    From a coffin, white balloons were released, which represented the potential for hope and a new beginning under the nation’s new leader Kim Jong-un. Supporters dressed in black to mourn the death of freedom, while singing and praying for the future of North Korea.
    The procession began at Acton Town tube station and made its way to the embassy in Gunnersbury Avenue. Once the 48,000-strong petition was handed in, Andy Dipper, Release chief executive, also presented a copy to 10 Downing Street.
    The event was the culmination of the year-long ‘One Day’ campaign, which called for an end to religious oppression in North Korea. Mr Dipper said, ‘Our hope is the change in leadership will lead to greater freedom of religion and the persecution of Christians will end’.


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