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All-Asia Creation Conference

February 2012 | by Juliet McIntosh

All-Asia Creation Conference

Nearly 600 delegates came to the Kuala Lumpur All Asia Creation Conference last autumn. About 500 believers came from the Kuala Lumpur area and the remaining 100 from more than 15 countries, including Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and India.
Ken Ham took the main sessions, showing that the creation issue is vital to the life of the church and relevant to the gospel and all cultures, whether western or eastern. Andrew McIntosh spoke on creation and the gospel, the nations after Babel and evidence for design.
The thirst for all the materials was palpable, with real appreciation of the books and DVDs. Nearly 90 per cent of all the resources (flown in from the US and UK) were sold.
Jyoti Chakravartty spoke movingly of the huge need of India’s vast population of 1.2 billion. Even there evolution is fast coming into government schools, with dangers coming from the West as Christians promote evolution in the church.
Dr Joseph Paturi from Ohio gave an inspiring talk on design in the human body and Dr Jerry Layton spoke on a creation ministry in the Philippines, which has reached many in the church and evangelistically across that land. Many reports from other countries, such as Japan, were also given.
The Kuala Lumpur conference was organised by a superb team of local believers, led by Joseph Tan, who with his wife Debra were hosts for the event. David Crandall, an Answers in Genesis director, had spent many long hours with Joseph organising the conference and we are extremely grateful for their labours.
There are already plans for follow-on conferences. The errors of the Western church and its compromise on Genesis have had a big effect in the vast harvest field of Asia, so this conference came at an important time.
There is more information on Ken Ham’s blog. See:
Andy and Juliet McIntosh


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