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Prayer, mission and justice

February 2012 | by Francesca Kaufman

Prayer, mission and justice

There was a tangible excitement in the air as Scottish students gathered together for a day of prayer, worship and the Word on 5 November. The theme was ‘Prayer/mission/justice’.
    Invitations were issued to all the Scottish universities. With fresh coffee in hand, students made their way into the main sanctuary of Stirling Baptist Church, where the event kicked off with praise, prayer and testimonies.
    Students from across Scotland shared stories of what God had been doing in their respective corners of the nation. One delegate from Stirling University shared this about God at work on her campus: ‘We’ve seen prayer really begin to take off this year and ran our first weekend of 24:7 prayer on campus. It was wonderful to come together and seek God corporately for our city and we hope to see so much more of this kind of thing.’
    After this came an action-packed day, filled with talks, seminars, prayer ministry, and lots of cake. Speakers included Mark Ellis, UCCF’s Scotland team leader; Karl Martin, senior pastor of Morningside Baptist Church, Edinburgh; and Jamie Haith, global director of Student Alpha.
    Many others led practical seminars on how to live life at the intersection of prayer, mission and justice.
    As students left Stirling for the journey home, some delegates discussed the teaching they had received. Others said the times spent in prayer were moving and significant. Many made connections with other students, and others received new hope for their campus ministry.
    While everyone who attended was affected differently, there was a universal sense that God was present and meeting with his people. This event reminded us that students really do have the potential in Christ to make a difference in the world.
    It is vitally important that students realise the depth of this truth, are instilled with vision and equipped to see their campuses transformed by the power of Christ.
Francesca Kaufman

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