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Hair and believe

February 2012

Hair and believe

In an unusual move motivated by mission, a Christian beautician has swapped the stylish salons of the US for back-breaking work in Moldova with Operation Mobilisation (OM).
    According to an OM newsletter, Ashley spent two months in the East European country giving more than 250 haircuts and sharing her faith with customers.
    She said, ‘When you go to the hair salon, you end up talking to the hairdresser for about 30 minutes. So I wondered if I could spend that half an hour talking to people about Jesus.
    ‘I hadn’t heard of anyone else doing hairdressing as missionary work, so I was unsure what to expect when I got there’.
    Ashley said this was a challenge, not least because the working conditions were so different. She said, ‘My back hurt a lot, because the chairs were so low. But nevertheless, people came and were thankful they could get a haircut. Maybe some of them wouldn’t have been able to afford one otherwise, so I was glad to serve them in some small way’.
    The other OM team members she was with helped to translate and share the gospel with those waiting in line.
    Ashley used her skills during evangelistic holiday camps for Moldova’s children and through OM’s Bus4life ministry, which makes Christian literature available to remote East European communities. She added: ‘I’m hoping to come back to Moldova for a longer time. My vision is to open a salon where people can have haircuts, drink tea and browse the Bible’.

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