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OAC conference

February 2012

OAC conference    

‘This definitely helped me to rediscover passion for the Lord and his gospel’ was the reaction of one person attending the Passionate Proclamation Evangelism in Cardiff conference.
    Held from the 7-11 November, Open Air Campaigners Ministries (OAC) organises this annual event, drawing people who are active in outreach, ranging from church team members to professional evangelists in the UK and abroad.
    This year, members of the public with an interest in proclamation evangelism were also invited to attend. Another new highlight was a ‘conference within a conference’. This secondary conference was held in the middle of the week with featured speakers.
    Also, valuable sessions incorporated sharing ideas about the effective use of creative evangelism. These sessions proved especially popular with Christians not directly engaged in evangelism themselves, but interested in learning more.
    OAC national director Peter Kennelly said, ‘None of the different speakers knew what the others would be saying. That’s why when some of them challenged us evangelists committed to proclamation evangelism about our commitment to our personal evangelism, it struck me as a God-given motivation’.
    Speakers included evangelist and author Roger Carswell; Mark Greenwood, director of the Forty Three Trust; Andy Hawthorne OBE, director of the Message Trust; and Rev. Jon Turner, who heads Saltmine’s community outreach.
    Music and group worship added to the shared passion for Jesus and taking his good news to non-believers. From reactions given to the week, participants look forward to the 2012 conference.