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Tesco boycott

February 2012

Tesco boycott

Supermarket giant Tesco is said to be reconsidering its plans to drop a cancer charity in favour of giving financial support to the Gay Pride movement.
    Tesco was embroiled in controversy after it announced that it would reduce sponsorship for Cancer Research’s Race for Life, while deciding to sponsor Pride London, Britain’s largest gay festival.
    However, according to the Christian Institute, Tesco has indicated that it will no longer sponsor homosexual pride events, and will instead look for other ways to support its homosexual staff support group, Out at Tesco.
    In an email to those who complained at the supermarket’s decision, Tesco insisted that its support for London Pride ‘implies no moral, philosophical or political stance’. It added: ‘We will therefore discuss with Out at Tesco how we can support them in future years in ways that will not include sponsoring events’.
    The controversy was exacerbated in December 2011 when Nick Lansley, Tesco’s head of research and development, said he was actively taking a stand ‘against evil Christians’ who opposed the right of same-sex couples to marry.
    He wrote on his profile page on, ‘I’m campaigning against evil Christians (that’s not all Christians, just bad ones), who think that gay people should not lead happy lives and get married to their same-sex partners’.
    The remarks, which have now been removed from the photo sharing web site, caused outrage among Christian groups, who said they would refuse to shop in the chain’s stores in protest. Colin Hart, director of the Christian Institute, said, ‘Mr Lansley is entitled to his opinions, and Christians are entitled to choose not to shop at Tesco’.


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