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Britain’s only hope

February 2012 | by Peter Simpson

Britain’s only hope

On 1 October, Penn Free Methodist Church in Buckinghamshire held its second annual ‘Britain’s only hope’ conference.
    Friends gathered, not only from within a 20 mile radius, but also from the West Country and as far away as North Wales.
    Peter Murcott, a former lecturer in law from the Isle of Man, gave the first address, on ‘The attack on marriage’. He showed how the English legal system reflected the biblical view of marriage until 2004 when the Civil Partnerships Act was passed.
    This act has now redefined marriage, by conferring on civil partners the same rights as marriage, and by even preventing them from becoming married to any other person. He also showed how cohabitation is not ‘common law’ marriage, but a repudiation of God’s established order.
     Pastor Peter Simpson from Penn spoke on ‘The attack on nationhood’. He emphasised how nationhood is a God-ordained institution, and that respect for the integrity of national borders is taught both in the Old and New Testaments.
    This can be seen in Acts 17:26-27 and in Numbers 20-21, when Moses asked permission for Israel to pass through Edom and the land of the Amorites. Mr Simpson noted how churches have tended to emulate liberal secularism in stigmatising nationhood and border controls.

Sexual revolution

Dr E. S. Williams, former director of public health for the Croydon Health Authority, spoke on ‘The attack on life in the womb’. He explained how the sexual revolution of the 1960s has now become the accepted moral norm.
    This brought home, if anyone still doubted, just how cruel and inhumane the practice of abortion really is. Dr Williams added that nearly all abortion counselling, including that offered by many Christian agencies, is ‘non-directive’, and avoids a focus on the moral implications.
     The final address was from Pastor David Carson of Chester. He spoke on the need for the churches to go on the offensive in the face of the onslaught on Britain’s Christian identity.
    He pointed out how frequently the Bible uses military analogies to describe the service of Christ. Our calling is to go into the enemy’s strongholds with God’s truth. If Bible-believers remain silent on the great moral issues of our time, there is no one else able or willing to hold back the tide of wickedness.
    CDs of the addresses can be obtained from Pastor Peter Simpson, Chapel Cottage, Church Road, Penn, HP10 8NU (cheque for £4.50 payable to Penn Free Methodist Church).
Peter Simpson

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