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Premier debates

February 2012 | by Edgar Andrews

Premier debates

Former ET editor Edgar Andrews, scientist and author of best-selling book Who made God? Searching for a theory of everything, recently engaged in two 60 minute debates on Premier Radio’s ‘Unbelievable’ programme.
The first, on 26 November, was with atheist Robert Stovold and the second, on 3 December, with evolutionary biologist Lewis Wolpert, Vice President of the British Humanist Society. The subjects were ‘What created the universe?’ and ‘Did man make God or did God make man?’
The case for a biblical world-view was effectively advanced in both debates. While rejecting the ideas advanced in Who made God?, Prof. Wolpert (who has a Christian son) declared the book to be ‘beautifully written’.
Shortly after the second broadcast was posted on the internet, presenter Justin Brierley wrote: ‘The discussions are proving popular online. The first one has already had 6,400 downloads and the second one is already hot on its heels!’
Both debates are on See also for other interviews and articles by Prof. Andrews.


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