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Christian Heritage Trust

November 2011 | by Roland Burrows


Christian Heritage Trust        

The Christian Heritage Trust has recently secured Providence Chapel, Rowley Regis, nearBirmingham, for its heritage project.

This arrangement grants the trust a 20-year lease at a peppercorn rent, on condition that more than £17,000 worth of vital renovation work is carried out on the chapel. The present, small, faithful congregation will continue worshipping and witnessing there.

In these days when we see so many churches standing derelict, and congregations disbanded, it is so important to encourage and help smaller congregations continue and become stronger.

The trust is seeking £10,000 to complete the renovation work that has already begun, and to set up an exhibition of its work as a trust in the main part of the chapel.

A large sum of money has already been expended in the purchase of historic Bibles and other display materials that will form the basis of an exhibition. We want to emphasise we are not seeking to set up a museum, but a living resource centre for making the vital importance of our Christian heritage known.

The trust has a range of up-to-date printing and copying equipment that it hopes to use in advertising the centre and making known the contribution of Christianity to the life and wellbeing of our nation.

The trust covets the prayers and practical help of concerned Christians as we seek, in the strength of God, to pursue this vision.

More details from Dr B. Green (0208 8904194) or R. Burrows (01384 637314).

Roland Burrows

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