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Reaching Muslims

November 2011 | by E. M. Hicham

Reaching Muslims

A website for Muslim evangelism has been launched by Word of Hope Ministries to help create a forum for amicable Christian-Muslim discussion and apologetics.

According to author E. Higham, co-founder of Word of Hope Ministries, the website aims to break down the barriers between the religions and present the truths of the Christian faith to Muslims.

Mr Higham said, ‘When I meet Muslims I often find that they have several misunderstandings and misconceptions about the Christian faith, such as “The Bible has been changed”, “Christians worship three gods”, “God could never have a son”, “Western society is immoral because of Christianity”, and many others’.

He said the aims of the website were to present objectively what true followers of Jesus believe and practice, as well as give clear and precise answers to questions and accusations that Muslims bring against the Bible.

It also aims to clarify the foundations of the Christian faith. The website will make evangelistic books and other literature available to give to Muslims at print cost.

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E. Hicham