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Evangelical library

August 2011 | by Gary Brady

Evangelical library

For the first time since its move to the new premises in Bounds Green, North London, the Evangelical Library held its annual lecture at the new library.
    With more than 40 in attendance, including two Indian brothers in the country at the time, it was gratifying to see the interest in the library.
    This year sees the 250th anniversary of the birth of pioneer missionary William Carey, and so it was appropriate that Pastor Austin Walker of Crawley gave what was a most absorbing and helpful address on Carey and his books.
    The paper addressed Carey’s work as a Bible translator and his ancillary work in producing dictionaries, grammars and other works in many other languages. There was a section on books that influenced Carey, especially Help to Zion’s travellers by Robert Hall Sr (1728-1791), which was ‘probably the most important extra-biblical book that Carey read’.
    We heard about Carey’s Enquiry, his own book arguing for the mission work for which he is now chiefly remembered. We were exhorted to read the Scriptures and make good use of sound Christian books with fresh zeal.
Gary Brady