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Bus of fools

June 2011

Bus of fools


This November, renowned atheist Richard Dawkins and TV presenter Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou are planning to join forces to ‘de-evangelise Britain’, according to religious web site ‘Ship of fools’.

     The celebrities will visit 30 UK towns and cities with a multi-media presentation called Shaking the foundations, in a convoy of London Transport buses, during November.

     According to a statement from ‘Ship of fools’, the tour is designed to coincide with a special service in Westminster Abbey, which will be attended by the Queen, when the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible will be celebrated.

     Each presentation will feature music, theatre and dance and will call on people to ‘renounce religious belief, stop worrying and enjoy life’.

     However, Simon Jenkins, editor of ‘Ship of fools’, said the plans were more intriguing than worrying. He added, ‘Dawkins and co have a perfect right to be ignored, like every other street evangelist’.


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