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News – Iraq murders

February 2011

Iraq murders


The Barnabas Fund has called for prayer support to help Christians suffering from intensifying persecution in Iraq.

     Hundreds of Christian families are fleeing Baghdad and Mosul in waves, either leaving the country altogether or heading to the northern cities, leaving behind their homes, possessions and work.

     Although the authorities have promised to give US$400 to every family who moves, some are saying that this is not enough to cover even one month’s rent for an apartment in the north.

     Since the siege at a church in Baghdad in October 2010, murderers have targeted Christians in their homes and workplaces, culminating in bombing attacks over the Christmas season. Fifteen bomb attacks in Iraq’s capital killed two Christians and wounded 16 on 30 December.

     In late November, Christian brothers Saad and Raad Hannah were shot dead in their car workshop in Mosul. This followed the assassination of two other Christians when gunmen burst into their Mosul home.

     On 5 December, four men raided the Baghdad home of an elderly Christian couple, Hikmat and Samira Sammak, and their daughter and shot them.

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