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News – Lausanne

January 2011 | by Doug Nichols


The Third Lausanne Congress on world evangelism, held in Cape Town, was attended by nearly 4,500 participants from 190 countries.

     Many churches and organisations attended, including Action International, which sent four missionaries, from India, Belgium, the US and Cambodia. In each major session, the attendees sat in groups of 4-6 at more than 700 tables for much discussion and prayer.

     While there was more than enough music, restricting time for speakers to really develop their topics and for us to work on key issues, Rev. John Piper gave an excellent message on Ephesians 3 on the gospel.

     He made an insightful statement on the tension between the gospel and caring for the suffering. He said, ‘For Christ’s sake we as Christians care much about all suffering – especially everlasting suffering’.

     It was wonderful to see and fellowship with friends from many countries. There were special seminars and meetings regarding such issues as human trafficking, children in crisis and pastoral leadership development.

Doug Nichols