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News – Early intervention

December 2010

Early intervention


The Lighthouse Group (TLG), a national Christian educational charity, is launching a new early intervention programme in schools to support children and young people at risk of exclusion.

     TLG aims to recognise the need for early intervention, as children as young as six years old are being excluded from school. TLG is hoping to mobilise the church to address this need by training behaviour coaches to support children in primary schools.

     Furthermore, TLG is training learning mentors to work with young people in secondary schools and has already held a successful pilot programme with primary and secondary schools across the country.

     Tim Morfin, TLG chief executive, said, ‘Our 20 years of experience of working with disadvantaged young people, combined with our passion for working with the local church, makes the early intervention programme a really exciting opportunity. We want to support more children and young people who are at risk of exclusion from school’.


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