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News – The way to go

December 2010 | by Matthew Pickhaver

The way to go


Oulton Broad Free Presbyterian Church held another special family service on 17 October, at the end of the latest weekly Kidz Klub series, ‘How to know the way to go’.

     This was based on words from John’s Gospel, chapter 14. Children from the club performed the songs ‘Stop and let me tell you’, ‘Go and tell the story’, ‘One way’, ‘Countdown’, ‘When the road is rough and steep’ and ‘I want God’s way to be my way’.

     The congregation included parents, friends and regulars, with two local families there for the first time. Five of the children received certificates for reciting John 14:1-6 from memory.

     At the end, a gospel address was given, using the story of the Chilean miners who had been rescued a few days before. With illustrations of the miners, it was pointed out that they could not save themselves; there was only one way out, and it was a narrow way; they came from darkness to light; and there was great rejoicing once they were rescued.

     All this was shown, from appropriate Scripture texts, to be true of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Matthew Pickhaver


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