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Reviews – Lifted – Experiencing the resurrection life – Sam Allberry – IVP

November 2010 | by Paul Williams

Lifted – Experiencing the resurrection life


Sam Allberry


144 pages, £6.99, ISBN: 978-1-84474-423-7


This book is a clear, accessible explanation of the significance of our Lord’s resurrection. Faithful to Scripture, the author considers four major implications of the resurrection – our assurance of salvation, the transformation of our lives in godliness, our hope for the future, and our calling to engage in world mission.

     He writes in a lively way that makes the book extremely readable. It is packed with illustrations, none of which seem ‘forced’ or out of place. All the way through, he explains Scripture in a way that is clear-headed and accurate.

     The author explains (p. 29), ‘If we are in any doubt that the cross did its work, the resurrection is where we need to look. There need be no uncertainty. The payment has gone through. His sacrifice has been received and accepted. He really is our Saviour’. How helpful it is to be reminded of our union with Christ in his death and resurrection – and what that means for us as Christians.

     The author also makes it abundantly clear that our Lord Jesus has been raised to judge the living and the dead. The resurrection of Christ is God’s public announcement of the judgement – it is the beginning of the end, not the end of the beginning.

     A highlight for me was the closing section on mission. A consequence of Christ’s resurrection is that we have an obligation to spread the knowledge of his glory. The author writes in his final paragraph, ‘Our uppermost concern in all that we do is to be the reputation of Jesus. We seek to spread the gospel not because people have the right to hear it, but because [Christ] has the right to be known. Jesus alone has been raised to the highest place of honour.’

     I warmly commend this book for all believers, as a reminder to mature Christians, and as basic teaching for new converts. I started reading it on a train journey and soon forgot the people around me on their laptops and mobile phones, as I was taken up with the greatness and glory of our risen Saviour.

Paul Williams