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News – New director for Affinity

September 2010
New director for Affinity

Peter Milsom has become the new part-time director of the Affinity network to help galvanise churches and agencies to evangelise the UK and Ireland.

       Mr Milsom served as chairman of Affinity’s forerunner, the British Evangelical Council, from 1990 to 1993, and has been a director of UFM since 1997. He is also involved with the Evangelical Movement of Wales and the Associating Evangelical Churches of Wales, in addition to speaking at church and pastors’ conferences across the world.

       His role will be to help develop Affinity’s expression of gospel unity for the benefit of the Affinity network of churches and agencies. He recognises that Affinity churches cannot enter into gospel partnership with churches that deny fundamental Bible doctrines.

      Richard Underwood, chairman of the Affinity council, said, ‘I am delighted and grateful to God that Peter has agreed to serve Affinity in the capacity of director. He respects the diversity of Affinity churches, which come from every part of the UK and represent a broad range of theological and cultural outlooks.

       ‘Above all, Mr Milsom can inspire the confidence of my generation while drawing together younger men who will be the evangelical leaders of tomorrow’.


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