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News – Fair play

June 2010

Fair play


Nearly 90 per cent of Britons feel a personal responsibility to ensure that workers are fairly compensated.

      According to a GlobeScan poll of 1500 people, commissioned by the Fairtrade Foundation, the British public expects fair pay and treatment for workers in developing countries.

     Almost nine in ten consumers believe they can make a difference through their own shopping choices, with one in five survey respondents saying that ‘they wanted to do their part’.

     The survey also revealed that one in five Britons want to punish socially irresponsible brands by boycotting them.

     Cheryl Sloan, marketing director at the Fairtrade Foundation, said, ‘It is encouraging that UK consumers continue to be receptive to Fairtrade and show high levels of awareness, familiarity and purchasing. But companies should also take note that shoppers are prepared to send a strong message to them about their global accountability’.