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News – Mammoths and dragons

June 2010

Mammoths and dragons


Scientists are baffled by new research suggesting that sabre-tooth tigers, mammoths and giant sloths might not have been wiped out by a giant meteorite, as originally believed.

      According to the Metro’s MiniCosm science briefs, Arizona researchers have found natural explanations that don’t make the scenario of a meteorite impact 13,000 years ago very likely.

      Zoologists have also been left reeling by the discovery in April of a giant lizard species. As long as a man (up to 6 feet long), the Filipino lizard is categorised by the Royal Society as a herbivore closely related to the Komodo dragon. It has been called Varanus bitatawa and is being monitored by conservationists.

     Such findings are uncomfortable for macro-evolutionists, but fit well into a Genesis Flood scenario.


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