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North of England conference

May 2010 | by Roger Fay

North of England conference

Andrew Collins and Ray Evans were the speakers at this year’s North of England church officers’ conference in Mirfield. The theme was ‘Building a more caring church’. Ray Evans gave several addresses on structuring for care in and through the local church, taking Acts 6 as his starting point. Dr Collins addressed the subject of depression.

There were seminars and discussion times, although a discussion following the final (and most radical) presentation from Ray Evans would have perhaps been helpful, especially to any not fully persuaded of some of his thesis.

All the talks were delivered and heard with sincerity and compassion. There was an excellent attendance of well over 125 delegates, and a good spirit of fellowship. Northern evangelical churches have much cause to be humbly grateful to God for what he has done in the past generation.

Roger Fay

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