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Project pancake

April 2010 | by Matthew Pickhaver

Project pancake


The ‘Kidz Klub’ team at Oulton Broad Free Presbyterian Church had the blessed opportunity to run a tenth Holiday Bible Club in the February half-term break.

            The theme was ‘Project: pancake!’ as the three days included Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. In the lessons we used the related traditions of pancakes and Lent to tell the story of the temptation of the Lord Jesus in the wilderness, as recorded in Matthew 4 and Luke 4.

            Having covered some of the background, each day we looked at one of the devil’s temptations and the way in which our Lord replied using God’s Word. Through this, the need for us all to truly repent and trust Jesus as Saviour was clearly presented.

            The children made bread rolls, painted plates, and cut out and decorated a belt of swords, adorned with verses with which to fight some common temptations.

            They also ate, tossed and raced with pancakes, and during one quiz had to retrieve jelly babies out of chocolate mousse-covered ones with their mouths, as well as other fun games and activities!

            This club was characterised by a wonderful atmosphere and superb behaviour as well as enthusiastic singing and a marked response to the messages. At least half learned the daily memory verse (the Lord’s ‘it is written’ replies to the tempter) or returned it coloured-in.

            Some children showed the usual model-making inventiveness – and many impressed us with their answers during the story or quizzes.

            A total of 42 different children took part, with 39 on the last day alone, and 23 coming to all three days. Of these, 16 were brand new contacts for the church and already some of these are committed to our Friday night club next half-term (where we are studying Psalm 23).

            Do pray that we would yet see much fruit for these labours, as the Saviour ‘suffers little children to come unto Him’.

Matthew Pickhaver


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