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News – The Word made flesh

April 2010 | by Cliff Barton

The Word made flesh


The gospel is about a person – the Lord Jesus Christ. This was the common emphasis at a recent afternoon and evening of preaching held at Belvidere Road Church, Liverpool.

     We were privileged to have the ministry of Geoff Thomas, Stuart Olyott  and Philip Eveson, and all three speakers referenced 1 Corinthians 15 as a key passage.

     Mr Thomas spoke on ‘The gospel in the New Testament’. He emphasised that the gospel is about Jesus Christ, and the gospel’s saving experience comes through the truth being expressed in words, accompanied by the power of the Holy Spirit.

     Mr Eveson had the difficult task of trying to condense ‘The gospel in the Old Testament’ into an hour. He dealt with this under the three headings of the Law, Prophets and Psalms. This is a subject worthy of greater expansion.

     Mr Olyott spoke on ‘Preaching the gospel today’. He said that some things are more important than others; and the gospel – and only the gospel – is of first importance. He then went on to preach what the gospel is. How important it is to understand the basics clearly!

Cliff Barton



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