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News – The dirty bank

March 2010

The dirty bank


Pressure groups are taking the Treasury to court for the second time in a year over a failure to assess the environmental and human rights impact of RBS.

According to the Ecologist, the UK Government’s £25 billion cash injection into Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is being challenged by three pressure groups because it failed to take into account the harmful effect of the bank’s projects.

      It is the second legal action brought by pressure groups who claim that public money has been used to fund projects that involve environmental and human rights violations.

                Mel Evans, campaigner for Platform, one of the three groups bringing the action, said: ‘RBS is continuing to channel public money into projects around the world that have an impact on communities, ecosystems and the climate. The Treasury demonstrated that it is within its power to prevent this, which is exactly what we are calling on it to do’.


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