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News – Rev. Colin Peckham

February 2010 | by John Brand

Rev. Colin Peckham


Rev. Dr Colin Peckham, principal emeritus of the Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh, was suddenly called home on 9 November.

     Dr Peckham was born, and born again, in South Africa. He grew up with a farming background but, after studying agriculture, felt the call of God to Christian ministry and studied for a degree in theology at the University of South Africa.

     He also earned a master’s degree from Edinburgh University and successfully gained his doctorate. Before coming to Britain, he served as principal of Glenvar Bible College in Capetown. Then, at the invitation of the Faith Mission Council, he became principal of the Bible College in Edinburgh, a position he occupied for 17 years until his retirement.

     His wife, Mary, was saved during the 1949-1953 Lewis Revival. They have three grown-up children: Colin (junior) and his wife Norma live in South Africa; daughter Heather and her husband Adrian are studying at Moody Bible Institute, Chicago; and daughter Christine and her husband Philip are studying at Biola College, Los Angeles.

     Dr Peckham was gifted as a theologian, teacher, author, musician and passionate preacher. He was fervent in prayer and greatly burdened for revival. Since his retirement, he and his wife travelled extensively, preaching and teaching.

     He will be sadly missed by his immediate family and the family of God’s people around the world.

John Brand



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